Hey there, my name is

Nick Camillo

I'm a software engineer by day,
a musician by night,
and a game designer
anytime in between.

Construction Bidding Made Easy

Shave hours off of every bid with our online planroom and subcontractor notification system. Just upload the blueprints, and let us take care of the rest!

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Elementary School

Bid Date 07/15/14, at 01:00pm
Scope General Trades Packages
Location 65 Millman Street, Bridgeport, CT

Marina Additions

Bid Date 09/10/14, at 10:00am
Scope General Trades Packages
Location 235 Birdsye Street, Stratford, CT

Post Office Renovations

Bid Date 08/12/14, at 04:00pm
Scope General Trades Packages
Location 300 Main St, Pound Ridge, CT

Bid Messenger

Ruby on Rails / Postgres / Amazon S3 / Stripe / Multitenancy

BidMessenger is an online planroom and document distribution platform for construction companies that saves Estimators thousands of dollars per year.

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Nick Camillo

Ad Infinitum

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A Little Bit Weird

Ruby on Rails / Amazon S3 / Facebook API / SoundCloud API / Google Maps API

A Little Bit Weird is a music distribution platform that allows artists to trade their music to listeners in exchange for becoming facebook fans and telling their friends.

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Fire Escape

Songwriter / Director / Videographer

Shot over the course of a rushed 4 hours on a very rainy Manhattan day. Fire Escape tells the story of a city girl down on her luck, looking in dark places for small solutions to her big problems.

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Into the Thicket...

Interactive Music Video Game   /
Plant & Ecosystem Simulator

Conceived during an 18 hour layover in Charlotte Airport during a hurricane, Into the Thicket is a thoughtful exploration of life and time as perceived by a plant.

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